ProTracker Tennis

ProTracker Tennis 4.2

Track and analyze tennis matches


  • Records precise information about every shot
  • Multiple player profiles
  • Comprehensive graphical analysis tools


  • Inputting details of every shot can be tough

Very good

There's a lot of technology around these days for sportspeople and if you want a competitive edge over your rivals it's a good idea to embrace these new aids. ProTracker Tennis, for instance, is perfect for tennis players who want to improve their game.

ProTracker Tennis is designed to give coaches the ability to track and analyze players' matches in greater depth than they ever could with a pen and paper. The program allows users to record precise information about tennis matches down to the position and outcome of every shot.

Information is captured by tapping the stylus on the appropriate part of the on-screen tennis court depending on where the ball lands. The coach can then select details about the shot, including the type of shot and the outcome. ProTracker Tennis automatically keeps score based on this information (i.e. whether the point was won or lost).

ProTracker Tennis really is a coach's dream and the level of analysis available in the program is second to none. Besides displaying overall TV-style stats the app lets you view performance in graphical format on the tennis court display, so the player can see exactly what they are doing right and where things are going wrong. Match reports can be printed, multiple player profiles added, and games can be compared easily.

Perhaps the major downside of ProTracker Tennis is that it relies on speedy input by the user. In particularly fast matches I can imagine it being pretty tough for a coach to record the precise location and type of every shot while watching the game.

Nevertheless, if you're a tennis coach who wants to bring the best out of your disciples then ProTracker Tennis could be an essential aid.

ProTracker Tennis


ProTracker Tennis 4.2

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